Presentation of the Women*’s Counseling and Therapy Center (TuBF)

Our offer addresses women and INTA+1 of all ages, geographical and social origins, cultural backgrounds, life circumstances, handicaps, physical characteristics, religions and world views, sexual orientation and gender identity. We support people in mental crises with psychological counseling and therapy and we also offer professional coaching.

During our open telephone counseling hours, you can use our support for mental crises and life issues without making an appointment. Since not all of our consultants speak English, Spanish or Turkish, we cannot guarantee a spontaneous session during our open counseling hours. Therefore we ask you to state your language preference at the beginning of the conversation, leave a message on our voicemail or send us an email at with your request. A counselor who speaks the language will call you back to schedule an appointment.

The consultations are free of charge, bound to professional secrecy (confidentiality) and can also take place anonymously.

Here you can access a short overview of our services

We are an open-topic counseling center and offer psychological counseling and psychotherapies for women, inter, non-binary, trans*, agender and persons with other gender identities. Topics can be, for example:

  • Conflicts in relationships, and separations
  • Experiences of exclusion and xenophobia
  • All forms of experiences of violence
  • Acting violently oneself (anger management)
  • Conflicts in occupation or studies
  • Anxieties, lack of self-assurance, and excessive demands
  • Problematical eating patterns (eating disorders)
  • Psychological crises
  • Loss and mourning

On request we offer long term counseling and therapy as well as couple therapy for female, inter, non-binary and agender couples.

As a team, we constantly train ourselves in transcultural competencies to consult all people who feel they belong to different cultural groups in an appreciative manner. In doing so, we reflect the privileges of our majority society with its implicit racist self-evident facts.

It is not people who move between cultures, but culture that emerges between people. If culture is something that happens between people, then there is no such thing as „the“ culture, because every encounter between two people creates something new, a unique expression of culture, created in the coexistence of their different cultures of origin.

Consultation with an English-, Spanish- or Turkish-speaking consultant is possible upon request.

Our counseling sessions are queer- and gender-sensitive, i.e. our counselors deal with diverse lifestyles and sexual identities in a sensitive and appreciative manner. We explicitly welcome diverse gender and sexual orientation (biological sex, social gender, sexual orientation) at TuBF. As TuBF, we want to help ensure that every sexual orientation and gender identity can be experienced with freedom and joy rather than emotional limitations.

Beyond individual counseling, we offer couple therapy for female, inter, non-binary and agender couples.

TuBF cooperates with three female lawyers who can offer you a free informational interview on family law topics as well as the law concerning foreigners. We will be happy to put you in touch with them. Call us during our open consultation hours or send your request by e-mail to
Topics are for example:

  • Separation/divorce
  • alimony law
  • custody law

While our counseling sessions are free of charge, the costs for therapy sessions depend on your income and vary between 0 and 100 €.

The TuBF-Team

Here you can find all members of the TuBF team.

Working Methods

Our working method can basically be characterized by four factors:

The professional-methodical spectrum of the TuBF is consisting of the following qualifications: Depth psychologically based psychotherapy, Behavioral therapy, Systemic therapy and Systemic Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Psychosynthesis.

Autonomy in organization and content do allow us to combine qualified work with grass-roots democratic oriented structures. Independent and autonomous working is based on joint decision-making processes concerning conceptual issues. Regular team-supervision by an external supervisor, and our interest in discussions and changes allow us a satisfying and competent co-operation in solidarity.

Our co-operation is oriented towards the ensuring of the quality of counseling and therapeutic work on mutual assistance. Qualified education, regular advanced trainings, collegial intervision, and a respectful conduct with our resources guarantee a high working standard.

An internal working group on therapeutic and political issues is enlarging our feminist competences.

We are organized in the “Association of autonomous women’s counseling centers of NRW” (Dachverband der autonomen Frauenberatungsstellen NRW e.V.”). Moreover, we are linked to regional and transregional groups and organizations especially to those ones who act interculturally and with women/lesbians/queer persons.